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“Renewable Energy Sources” by Ömer ULUSLU

While there are still many questions about renewable energy sources in our minds today, we should focus on positive key factors such as environmental issues, employment, sustainability and use these renewable energy sources more to leave a better World to our future.

Before 1927, the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in the world was based on theory until the US started to use it for agriculture (“Project Solar UK,” 2018). After spreading rapidly to countries, nowadays, many countries are making moves for RES. Until 100 years ago, Germany obtained most of its energy from coal, and now 12.74% of its energy comes from RES (“Smart Energy,” 2020). From a logical point of view, this is positive, but there are drawbacks too, such as storage capabilities and higher costs. While there are still many questions about renewable energy sources in our minds today, we should focus on positive key factors such as environmental issues, employment, sustainability, and use these renewable energy sources more to leave a better world to our future.

In today’s world, renewable energy sources (RES) are used in most countries. It is beneficial. Fossil reduces fuel usage is an excellent example of environmentally essential. China is an outstanding example of that. Akhtar Hussain, in his research Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2017), presents us with researches about making the environmental issues easier that focus on EGS. EGS is also known as engineered geothermal energy or hot, dry rock energy, which does not depend on the occurrence of natural geothermal reservoirs. This makes EGS adaptable in more areas and especially in those regions, which lack in natural reservoirs (p. 12). So, by using EGS, we can also provide ourself clean energy and a better world. However, this is not adaptable to all kinds of places. RES also has some neglected downsides, like geographical restrictions. In her work Advantage and The Disadvantages of Renewable Energy,  Thoubboron (2018) claims that “A large farm with open space may be a great place for a residential wind turbine or a solar energy system, while a townhome in a city covered in the shade from taller buildings would not be able to reap the benefits of either technology” (p. 10). So, it seems we cannot provide all services where we want. In time, by searching and developing, science can provide new solutions for our environmental problems. It is a problem for Thoubboron; with Akhtar Hussain’s research, it is clear that environmental problems can be fixed with engineering methods like EGS. Although renewable energy sources have deficiencies at some points, this should not prevent us from benefiting both the world and ourselves by using them.

The second positive key factor is employment. It is one of the most sought-after features in a newly developing energy sector. According to a report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), “More than 8.1 million people worldwide are now employed by the renewable energy industry -a five percent increase from last year-.”(Irena Press, 2016). It is obvious to see that the new energy sector is opening multiple ways for employees. However, opponents claim that “Changes to preserve and care for ecosystems and biodiversity can cause several industries to reduce their activities or, in the last case, stop them altogether. This can bring unemployment for many people who have dedicated their whole lives to work in a single sector, such as the coal industry” (Lorecentral Organization, 2018, para. 19). While some of the coal workers affected negatively in a short time, the use of coal decreases over time with the multiple employment areas provided by RES. So, RES can provide various employment for them. Although work is a problem for some parts of jobs like coal mining, this doesn’t mean that there will be worse conditions. Instead, as we can definitely see from the IRENA’s Press, employment capacity will increase for many industries such as solar PV, bioenergy, and wind energy. So, by using these numerous renewable energy industries, the world will be a better place.

The third positive key factor is sustainability, which is a critical issue to decide using of RES. We should not forget the fact that RES will be beneficial as long as it is sustainable. The official report about “Benefits of Renewable Energy Use” from the Union of Concerned Scientists, focuses on Inexhaustible energy. Scientists state that “Strong winds, sunny skies, abundant plant matter, heat from the earth, and fast-moving water can each provide a vast and constantly replenished supply of energy” (2017). Moreover, in the same report, a significant government-supported investigation found that clean energy could contribute somewhere close to three or eight times its 2013 levels, contingent upon theories (2017). So, it is clear to see that using nature will sustainable for RES. On the other hand, in his article “23 Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy,” Brandon Gaile is directing on that the atmosphere changes over time, shifting to where renewable resources are located. However, it can be challenging to forecast solar energy. Geothermal energy may change over time. Billions of dollars can be spent to develop renewable energy sources. But in the end, if production stops as expected, the money will be lost (2017). According to Gaile, the location leads to significant monetary losses in terms of sustainability. But, as we can surely recognize from the “Benefits of Renewable Energy Use” report, there are many areas that we will continuously benefit from. Companies should use their money not according to their wishes but over the benefits that nature can provide them, such as strong winds and sunny skies, as mentioned before. Hence, by using these continuous natural sources, RES projects will be sustainable for a long time and beneficial for our planet and future.

In short, we have several doubts about renewable energy sources, but we need to focus on vital essential parts such as environmental issues, employment, sustainability, and the use of these renewable energy sources further will provide a more exceptional World to our children. For environmental problems, firms should focus on engineering methods like EGS. With the increase of energy companies, employment will occur in many new areas. This will benefit many people who are looking for a job. Concerning sustainability, it will increase as long as we use our nature correctly. The future of our country and our world depends on us. As one of the master director James Cameron said, “The nation that leads in renewable energy will be the nation that leads the world.”


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Dikkat: Kitap Okumak Cahilliğinize Zarar Verebilir!

Çoğumuz zengin olma hayalleri kurar, “zengin olsaydım, şunları yapardım…” vs. tarzında planlarını samimi arkadaş ortamında konuşur. Bunları yaparken de çoğu genç her sene yayınlanan Dünya’nın en zengin insanları listesine göz gezdirir.  Dev teknoloji firmalarının kurucuları, büyük gayrimenkul ve yatırım firması sahiplerinin isimlerinin olduğu uzunca bir listedir bu. Listeye baktığımızda aşina olduğumuz isimler; “Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg ve dahası.” Bu isimler zamanla uzak akrabalarımızdan bile daha iyi bildiğimiz isimler haline geliyor değil mi ?  Türkiye’de dahil çoğu ülkede hemen hemen her kesimden insan bu insanların firmalarının ya da kendilerinin ayda-haftada-günde hatta belki de dakikada ne kadar kazandığını biliyor.  Peki ya Dünya’da bu büyük mal varlıklarına sahip insanların ortak noktasının ne olduğunu biliyor muyuz ?  Yani mesela Warren Buffet’ın hangi hisse senetlerinin portföylerine katmadığını biliyoruz. Mark Zuckerberg’ün Facebook’u bu günlere nasıl getirdiğini aşağı yukarı biliyoruz. Ama hepsinin bir ortak yönünü unutuyoruz. Bu insanlar, sizin zenginlik hayallerinizin ötesinde; kitap okuyorlar, zaman harcıyorlar ve buna önem veriyorlar.

Warren Buffet’ın HBO Belgeselinde de çokça bahsettiğinden dolayı farkına vardığım şey şu ki, zamanının büyük bir payını kitap okumaya ayırdığını söylüyor. Bu adam dünyanın en büyük portfolyo yöneticilerinden birisi. 100 Milyarlarca dolarla oynuyor. Warren Buffet’ın zamanınının %70’inin parasal karşılığını düşünebiliyor musunuz ? Kitaplar ne veriyor olabilir Warren Buffet’a ? Peki ya Bill Gates, yine onun da “Inside Bill’s Brain” belgeselinde de gayet açık bir şekilde göreceğimiz gibi, kitap okumaya cidden önem verdiği aşikar. Gündelik kitap okumalarını bir kenara bırakın, senede 2 hafta kendisine tatil veriyor. SADECE VE SADECE KİTAP OKUMAK İÇİN. Bill Gates’in iki haftasının maliyetini hayal edebiliyor musunuz ?        Yani bu listeyi uzatabilirim, Zuckerberg’ün yıllık yayınladığı, okumayı hedeflediğim kitaplar listesini vs. Kitap nedir biliyor musunuz ? Kitap sizi zamanda seyahate çıkarabilecek, 100 yıl hatta 1000 yıl ileriye veya geriye götürebilecek potansiyele sahip tek şeydir. Size geleceği gösterebilir. Bugünü anlatır kitap, size rakamlar verip istatistikler analizler sunar. Dünyayı, ekonomiyi, insanı, teknolojiyi ve aklınıza gelebilecek her şeyi size sunabilir.

Daniel Kahneman yılların birikimini makalelerini ve araştırmalarını bir kitaba aktarır ve 20 liraya satar. 20 TÜRK LİRASI. Dışarı çıkıp bir dönerci’de 20 liraya yemek yemeye kalksanız, büyük porsiyon bile alamazsınız o paraya. 500-600 Kaloriyle 10 dakikamızı mı harcayacağız, yoksa işinde uzman bir adamın 30-40 yıllık bilgi birikimini mi emeceğiz ? Seçim tamamen bize bağlı. Hayat böyle tercihlerle bezeli işte. Dünyanın en kaliteli bireyleri bizlere kendi alanlarının en lezzetli bilgilerini bir kitap haline getirip sunuyor, ve bizler kendimize bahaneler buluyoruz. Bazı şeyler acı gelebilir. Biliyorum bunca yapacak şey varken; Instagram’da gözatılacak onca hikaye varken, Tinder’da bulacak o kadar eş varken, Netflix’te bu kadar dizi varken… Haklısınız, zihnimizi ufkumuzu açmaya zaman bulamıyoruz.

Hiçbir zaman kendimizi bu kadar düşük maliyetle donanımlı hale getirebilecek bir döneminiz olmamıştı. Hiçbir kuşak şu anki kaynaklardan daha iyisine sahip olmadı. Yapmamız gereken şey, bunların farkına varıp zamanımızı verimli şekilde kullanıp, doğru kitapları bulup, kendimizi bir nebze de olsun geliştirmek olmalı. Çünkü, “Okumadan geçen bir gün, yitirilmiş bir gündür.”
Mart 2020,                      Ömer ULUSLU



Most people want to find their happiness, are you one of them? Or, you want to be, but you are confused? You can do this in many different ways based on researches and experiences.
In today’s world, “finding our happiness” is the primary purpose and thus has three internal personal traits that lead to this.

First one is determination which, is an essential factor. It can be described as going after our purposes to succeed them.
Creating a list of goals and stick to this plan is one part of it. People with a sense of stability are more likely to find happiness in their life than those who do not (Baltas, 2019). To interpret it, imagine a girl dreams of becoming a boxer. She works hard to achieve her goals and devotes herself. With this devotion, she will find her happiness.
Having a sense of patience is the second part of going after our purposes. There is a great saying about patience: “Our patience will achieve more than our force” (Burke). For example, think about a pregnant woman. Even though she is suffering through the pregnancy, in the end, her patience will give her joy of her life.
Another definition of determination is not giving up. Not backing down can help us through our hard times, and therefore it can support determination. Neslican Tay can be a great example of not giving up. Even though she lost her leg because of cancer, she didn’t give up and overcame this illness several times. Tay held to exist more firmly with his prosthetic leg. In an interview with Arman, she said that “I have no legs, but there is joy in life. I am not just a leg; I am more.” She was right. She was nicknamed “Iron Woman.” She captivated everyone with her beauty and determination to live. Hürriyet (2019). Her life emphasizes; if there is determination, there is happiness.

But passion is even more critical than determination. It gives our behaviors a meaning. Acting with passion gives sense to our life.
Knowing what we are doing now will affect us in the future is a part of the passion. As an example for that, taking care of our body affects our life. Consider an athlete. Because of his passion for becoming successful, he eats and practices well. This passion will surely bring him happiness.
The second point for passion is about mentality underlying behavior. Acar Baltaş, an academician who is dedicated to psychology and humanity, shares an anecdote on a television program:
“… Bir basketbol takımının yerleri silen temizlik görevlisine eğer anlatılabilirse ki, bu takımın iyi performans göstermesi ve bu oyuncuların sakatlanmaması, bir ayağının kayması sonucunda bir sezonunu kaybetmesi sana bağlı. Sen böyle bir iş yapıyorsun, denirse. O adam yaptığı işe başka bir anlam katar…” (Baltas, 2017, CNN TURK).
This example of Baltas shows us people who do their job with passion brings blessing and gives happiness to their life.
Despite the negativity, to desire not to lose our passion and to overcome the difficulties is one of the situations that bring happiness and peace. So, we can define this as the second face of passion. A positive attitude is the one component for this second part of passion. A positive mindset is giving our energy on things that can be changed rather than thinking about the past. Imagine a failed businessman, either he can focus on what happened and never get out, or he may think of what he can do better and change things for good. By asking himself,” What is good now ?” he can overcome and change things by the passion of a positive mindset. Because when people realize what they have now, they start to produce options. (Baltas, 2017).

The second component of the passion is about a love for adapting to change. As stated from an interview by Tony Robbins (2015), who is a successful writer, mentioned his story when he was 17, his teacher said that: “It is really simple, if you want life to change, you gotta change. If you want life to be better, you have to be better. It is the only way.” Starting from his story at this point in his life, he took his steps in the name of change and development by continuing his sense of evolution as a passion. Looking at his present life, he says that he has achieved happiness and peace as a result of this passion for change.

The final one is socializing, which keeps our happiness alive. Close friendship ties and close relationships with the environment can hold our passion.
To extend this idea, going out to dinner with friends and spend precious time with them in their spare time is one crucial factor. According to Terman’s long term life happiness research, people who are more actively involved in their work and social life and also those who enjoy their work and social activity can reach happiness in life (as cited in Baltas, 2019).
To be with friends on special occasions is the second significant factor for our topic. We can say that the happiness of life increases in people who show behaviors such as going to dinner to celebrate the promotion of the colleague in the company. According to Terman’s research, which is a continuation of the source given in the previous example is supportive shows that those who have positive emotional relationships with their immediate surroundings can find their happiness. (As cited in Baltas, 2019).

The second part of socializing is striving to be a good individual for the world increases our happiness in life. Participation in volunteer activities organized by societies can be one side of it. According to research from the OECD: Especially in the field of voluntary service in the elderly:
1- We see that life satisfaction is higher.
2- Subjective health perceptions of general health conditions are better (as cited in Baltas, 2017).
This part of the socialization researched by the OECD also shows us that the happiness and peace of people who are at voluntary service increases.
The second side for trying to be the right person for the world is to help our relatives in distress. To support this point, we can visualize this example. Think of yourself as a graduate in mathematics teaching, and your little cousin is preparing for the university exam. In this case, you can help him with his problems with mathematics and the parts he does not understand. The feeling of happiness and gratitude that will arise from the positivity will increase in your cousin after your help. This will also affect you, and thus you will get the same feeling and satisfaction from life. In this and other similar situations, we can understand that happiness and peace increase in the lives of people who exhibit this behavior.

To conclude, determination, having passion, and socializing are the main mentalities for having happiness in our lives.

As can be seen in the article, it will be challenging to increase happiness in our lives by giving up these three general notions. Therefore, we can plainly see that the level of comfort in our lives will improve as determination blends with passion and develops with socialization.


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